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Albert Einstein

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Forex Strategies:
How to forecast long-term trends


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Is it possible to consistently profit from trading foreign currencies?

I've done it and would like to share with you the methods that allowed me to do it.
I made my first forex trade twenty years ago. I built my unique proprietary indicators during my time as a foreign exchange hedger and market maker. Those tools helped me run a managed currency program in the early 1990s

Forex does not march to the tune of other markets. Learn of the advantages afforded individuals that is not available to banks and multinationals. Get the insight into moves that keep recurring under pre-determined conditions.

The Forex Edge CD discloses all that and much more. It is produced in a limited edition to keep the methods in the hands of a few. Learn how to stack the odds in your favor. Reserve your copy and reap the benefits of a genuine dge

Most of the tools you will receive are so new that not even market makers in the largest bank dealing rooms around the world know them.



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